Origin Meals FAQ

September 30, 2016 Urban Caveman

You might have seen our announcement about FreshPacks joining the Origin Meals Family. If you haven't, we recommend you start there first -> Important News Announcement 


So when does Freshpacks become Origin? 

FreshPacks will officially become part of Origin Meals on October the 1st. Until then, order as normal at

Thursday, September 29th: Orders close at 5pm for Oct 3rd Delivery
October 1st: Origin Meals Milwaukee website accepting orders
October 9th-10th: First set of Origin Meals Milwaukee delivered 

How does ordering work? 

Starting October 1st, all orders will be placed at Similar to FreshPacks, orders are due each Thursday for Monday delivery. Read more Ordering, Delivery and Pickup questions on the Origin FAQ page

I have an existing subscription, what do I need to do to keep getting meals?

Existing subscriptions will be carried over unchanged. You will continue getting the same quantity and the closest portion size equivalent to your current plan with no break in service. Existing subscribers will also be getting additional information sent to them directly via email showing current plan, new plan and more relevant information. 

Will home delivery still be offered? 

Yes! We will maintain our home delivery option with some small changes to the delivery area. 

Do the delivery days change? 

Origin Meals will be ready for pickup on each Monday and Thursday at the open of business for all drop-off locations. Home deliveries will arrive each Sunday and Wednesday. See more detailed information on the Origin FAQ page

What are Origin's sourcing standards?

Origin believes in maintaining the highest standards in the food business. Read the full sourcing standards here: Origin Meals Sourcing Standards

How do the plans & sizes compare? 

How does pricing compare? 

Short answer: it completely depends. Origin Meals offers different packages and sizes and pricing with more pricing options than we can list here. 

Still more questions? 

Send them to and we will answer them. We will also be updating the FAQ as we get more questions!